Computer Vision


General info

The lessons are not mandatory


We kindly suggest you to attend them for multiple reasons.

  • You really learn something
  • You will be rewarded during the final examination
  • The topic that you see in the classroom could become a really interesting topic for you. It means that you could like to collaborate with the Visionlab or ask for a thesis with us

The exam consists in two tasks to perform:

  • Present a paper (presentation with slides).
  • Present a project related to the topic of the paper.

Maximum time for the discussion: 10 min for each part (10 min for the paper + 10 min for the project).

The exam can be prepared IN GROUP (maximum of 4 students).

The subjects can be assigned in two ways:

  • By direct request: you know which kind of topic would you like to explore and you can propose something related to a possible problem in the chosen field.
  • By indirect request: you don’t have an idea on which topic you like the explore, so you can ask for a suggestion about a possible problem to solve.

The project requires a minimum of coding skills. You don’t have to implement a system from the beginning, you can exploit already-made code. However, you have to fit it into the topic of the paper that you chose and the problem you want to solve.

The code and the presentation must be delivered a couple of days before the discussion.

The final grade depends on:

  • Course attendance: 5%
  • Final presentation: 40%
  • Final project: 55%
  • Extras: ~10% for
    • Creative ideas
    • Paper submission
    • Task complexity

The grade is proportional to the effort.

The discussion dates are chosen with the attendees, in order to find the most voted days and allow the students to participate.